Tips for creating a really good Copywriter advert

I often see adverts on various recruitment platforms which are incredibly short and lacking in the information a qualified copywriter needs in order to respond promptly and effectively to you, the prospective client.  Quite simply, the advert acts as your micro-brief to the copywriter you are looking for.

Your copywriter will need a condensed understanding of your target audience, the sector, the timeframe, and the resources available to achieve the project or tasks set. Clients often require a covering letter as part of the application so the more information you offer, the better prepared they are to tailor their qualifications, skills and experience to meet your expectations for the specific role you have in mind.

You could compose your advert as if you were the copywriter you are seeking. Think about the target audience – do you need a copywriter with B2B or B2C experience or even both? What sectors do you operate in within the marketplace – would they need specific/niche experience of these or will transferable skills from other sectors suit? When do you need the projects or tasks completed by so both parties are aware of their delivery obligations from the outset. Lastly, think about the copywriter as a stand-alone professional – they still need access to your product/service information (once confidentiality guidelines and contracts are signed) in order to write authentically for your business and in your brand’s tone of voice.

I have outlined the creative pointers above which I would need myself to respond. There are also housekeeping elements to an advert which are often missed and may be not considered before publishing. They are:

  1. Do you need an in-house or freelance copywriter?
  2. Is the role available on a fully remote basis, or an in-office presence or a blend of both?
  3. Do you need to see a portfolio or will a bespoke writing sample be required?

If you need an in-house copywriter and find that a freelance copywriter (such as myself), responds still consider the application. I am still starting out and looking for a part-time in-house role as I build my business. Remember it is the qualifications, skills and experience you are looking for – the housekeeping side of the role can possibly be flexed if the candidate appears to be a ‘good fit’ for you.

With the COVID-19 pandemic came the ‘Stay at Home’ advice which saw so many more people work from home and many others have now joined and been welcomed into the freelancer community. Full-time remote working is possible and indeed effective with a high degree of accountability for the work completed when it comes to invoicing, which I am happy to offer all my clients.

I prefer to offer a writing sample in response to an agreed brief with a prospective client as I work on a client confidential basis. Many copywriters can offer a portfolio, so it makes sense to outline this need in the advert you post.

In closing, the advert you publish on the recruitment platform of your choice needs to offer the best micro-brief possible as well as provide a snapshot of your brand and the values you represent. We are all looking for a ‘good fit’ in our working environments, lets work together to achieve this from day one.

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