A Day in the Life of a Good Copywriter

As you may know, content marketing is an integral part of the plan to overcome the economic impact of Lockdown. Businesses are getting ready to re-open fully and so need to re-energise their offer to market. Good copywriting is central to this successful delivery and I take this responsibility very seriously as a certified copywriter. If you are thinking about becoming a good copywriter, please read on.

For me, as a business owner, I also possess empathy and a little commercial insight into the challenges my clients face when they need to promote their company, their brand and their product and/or service suite. I also need to promote my services so just like everyone else in the marketplace today, good copywriters create their own content (just like this informative blog) to show we are ready and able to help.

Lockdown has changed the way we all work and also how we perceive the value of the goods we buy. We must all constantly add value to our own offer and for me as a copywriter I have chosen to use the time given to us by Lockdown to upskill. I am currently undertaking a professional course to become a Proofreader and – if all goes well – I will undertake this service too, in the near future. The ability to correctly edit copy for others will make me a better copywriter as I will improve my ability to scrutinise my own craft which can only benefit my clients. The written word is a powerful means of communication, whether stand-alone in text or as a tagline on an image and so can strongly influence the brands we buy. Whether writing or editing, a good copywriter needs to be mindful of this in order to keep the finished copy honest which builds trust with your clients and with their end customers.

When I am not studying, I am writing. A good copywriter should write every day to keep your skills sharp and to keep an open and well-practiced mind discovering creative angles on all kinds of topics. I keep a journal of my life goals which I write in every day which motivates me to write freely about my passions and purpose. Good copywriters need to keep up with current affairs, business trends, copywriting and content marketing insights too so I read voraciously – both national press and industry publications. If I need a break from all this concentration, I take time to leave my desk and grab a coffee. The ability to observe and people-watch is a great social skill to cultivate as it offers you insight into other people’s buying decisions and what exactly makes a compelling content marketing message right now.

Copywriters, if they work alone as I do, need to know where they stand in terms of their peers. In order to find out where I currently stand in terms of qualifications, skills and experience,  I am starting to become active on social media (just Twitter) so that I can follow leading copywriters who are at the top of the profession. We all need mentors and heroes and if you can reach out to one and receive encouraging feedback this will make you feel like you are walking on air for the rest of the week, I promise.

If you reach out to your peers, you are starting to build a network, and this is a crucial element of what a good copywriter needs to do daily. Your clients have chosen you from the competition to write their copy and if you can identify what you offer to the market which is unique, more will follow. Your network will show you where the niches lie so research your strongest skill set plus where the current gaps are to see if you can establish yourself as the go-to professional to meet this need. Once established you become part of the copywriter professional community – both online and offline – so take the time to join events whether in-person or virtual to increase brand awareness for your venture and spend some quality time with other like-minded copywriters.

As you succeed, remember to help others do the same. Give back in terms of offering your own content marketing such as a blog or webinar or hosting an event. As I said, we all need a mentor or a hero – offer this incredible gift to another aspiring copywriter today.

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