Freelance professional marketing copywriter

As you know, for your business to succeed, the message you send to your target audience needs to be clear and concise. It’s important in a crowded marketplace to provide a compelling message so you are heard above the noise. You need to trust that this message will help you acquire new clients or engage with your existing client base and at the same time set you apart from the competition. The tone of voice of your message is therefore vital. It must be authentic. An expertly crafted message has the ability to genuinely convey what your business is and what it is you stand for. This is why my business, Captured Copy Ltd, takes the time to understand and appreciate what you do in order to represent you in your messaging – authentically. My name is Jacqui Martin, and I am a freelance professional marketing copywriter.

So what is a marketing copywriter?

A marketing copywriter like me, is a qualified marketer and a certified copywriter in one, so your company benefits from two professional business disciplines in one freelance hire. Businesses like yours do not have the time or resource to bring on board professionals in different disciplines. You need one freelancer with the marketing acumen and the copywriting expertise to understand your business easily and to deliver what you need when you need it. This is why hiring a freelance professional marketing copywriter makes financial sense.

Contact me by phone 07974 379 633 or email to discuss your marketing and/or copywriting requirements.